Watch Out for Copyright Violations

Each month TrioTel Communications, Inc. receives approximately 10-20 copyright violations against current TrioTel Internet subscribers. Copyright violations are serious allegations against online users, and can lead to significant consequences. A violation exists when a movie, TV show, music, or video game is illegally downloaded over the Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) created a website to help Internet users protect themselves against illegal downloads. Check out for more information.

Follow these steps to avoid violations:

1. Watch out for “too NEW to be true”. If a movie or a video game is not out for general release then availability over the Internet is most likely illegal. Check with the creator or distributor of the movie or game before downloading it off a suspicious site.

2. Trust your eyes and ears. If the quality of the movie or TV show has poor sound or appears blurry or shaky, it is probably an illegal copy.

3. Be cautious of websites. Websites that offer “too good to be true” deals are not adequate sources for movies, TV shows, music or video games. Look out for terms like “Unlimited Movie Download,” “100% legal” or “Millions of Files Shared”. Check the website for details, contact information, or a background page. Also if the website has a strange or uncommon URL (web address) think twice before visiting that site.

4. Watch your Devices. Keep an eye on your computers and tablets for suspicious files that may have been added while a download occurred. Corrupt files that lead to copyright violations, may be included in a download without your knowledge.

5. Secure your wireless router. Continue to check that your wireless router is secure and blocked from outside users. If you need instructions for securing your wireless router, please call the TrioTel Internet Support Desk at (your three digit prefix) – 9610.

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