TrioTel Promotes Computer, Internet Classes

A little over three years ago, TrioTel began offering basic computer classes to customers. Initially the purpose was to provide consumers, who are, at times, intimidated by a computer and/or the Internet, with a comfortable approach for exploring technology today. Over time, the classes have changed and adapted, with new topics developing each year.

The classes have also served, in part, as an effort to decrease the nationwide digital literacy gap. Back in 2013, the FCC, estimated that there were more than 60 million digitally challenged Americans. What’s digital literacy? It’s best described as lacking the basic knowledge needed to use a computer and the Internet.

As a leader in technology, TrioTel knows how crucial basic computer and Internet skills are in today’s world. Whether it’s learning new ways to communicate with family and friends through email and social media or having the knowledge of computer skills to succeed in the workplace; the need for broadband is vital.

According to a recent 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, 24% of teens today go online ‘almost constantly’ in comparison to a study done a few years ago which concluded that one in five adults do not use the Internet.

A major goal of our classes is to showcase how the Internet can be relevant to any age. We keep the class size small and go at a slow pace, so students can soak in as much information as they need.

For questions or comments regarding TrioTel’s classes or lease program, reach out to us at 425-2238 or at

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