Having FUN is a Good THING!

Last weekend, TrioTel had the unique opportunity to participate in the first annual Salem Amazing Race, a fundraiser for the area pool. The concept of the event was based off the Amazing Race TV show, which debuted in 2001.

This race consisted of two person teams traveling around Salem while stopping at “Pit Stops” along the way and completing challenges. TrioTel’s Pit Stop challenge, hosted along with other Cooperatives: Southeastern Electric, Service First FCU, and Central Farmers Coop, included a large truck tire push and a 16 piece puzzle that spelled out “Keep Calm and Co-op On!” So fitting for the event.

Overall, the fundraiser was a great success bringing in over $2,000 in just a few short hours. Plus everyone had FUN!

Having fun is a good thing, especially when it comes to community events and fundraisers. That day, as race contestants were running or biking from challenge to challenge, each teammate showed up excited, eager (and a little out of breath). People were enjoying themselves. There was a great sense of pride that morning. And for the planning committee, job well done. So much time and effort goes into planning events like this. Always with the same goals: raise money to support the community and have a good time. Mission accomplished here.

TrioTel has continued to be involved in the communities we serve. We were proud to be included in this AMAZING event. We want to be part of your efforts too. If you are a TrioTel member, and hosting an event in our service area, please contact us for our involvement. We’ll be here to support you in any way we can. And we’ll try to have fun while doing it.

The above pictures are from the Salem Amazing Race Co-op both.

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