A Smart Combination: Smartphones and Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Do you and your family members have smartphones? Is your home set up with a wireless network? If the answer is yes, to both questions, we have a suggestion for you. When using your smartphone at home, you may want to access the Internet via your wireless Internet network rather than use the national wireless network of your wireless provider.

Wi-Fi is a type of short-area wireless networking commonly used in homes and offices to create a network that can be accessed by computers, smartphones, game consoles, home theater devices, and other gadgets. This allows these devices to access the Internet without requiring a wired connection.

Wi-Fi is also used in public hotspots, which is an Internet access point made available in a public location.

Accessing the Internet on a smartphone via Wi-Fi has its advantages. A home wireless network typically offers a faster Internet connection than many national wireless networks. Wi-Fi can also save you money, especially if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, by eliminating the need to use your smartphone’s data plan while at home. Check with your wireless provider to verify the details.

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