This Way to the Annual Meeting

Last week, TrioTel held its 59th Annual Meeting. Over 140 members were welcomed with a warm meal served by McCook Central FFA students, a bright smile from TrioTel employees, and an informative business meeting provided by board members, consultants, and TrioTel’s General Manager/CEO Bryan Roth.

A quick re-cap:

Broadband, also known as High Speed Internet, is the wave of the future, and TrioTel is ready to handle whatever consumers want or need to do with it.

The cost of providing video service keeps skyrocketing thanks to Programmers’ demand for higher rates, along with “must carry” requirements. This forces cable companies, like TrioVision, to pay excessive fees in order to keep content available for subscribers. This also means TV patrons will see an unavoidable rate increase this fall.

Capital credit checks will go out in October. TrioTel is again paying out over $1 million to Coop members. Capital credits are basically a refund to customers. (The dollar amount paid to each member depends on subscribed services and the year(s) of service which are allocated out.) This is a big deal for our customers and huge boost to our local economies, as this is cash going back to area patrons.

Longtime Board of Director Richard Dewald has moved off the farm and out of the service area. Mr. Dewald was a positive influence on the board; always showing good judgment and dedication to the Cooperative. He will be missed. On a positive note, Ben Endorf was elected to serve as the District 1 – Canova representative for the next three years.

Thank you to the members that could join us this year. Next year will mark the 60th Annual Meeting. We’ll do our best to again offer a great evening of fun, food, and fellowship.

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