Ways to Watch Weather on the Web

Weather has the power to start conversations, change plans, make or break events, and devastate communities. Fortunately, there are now many online resources that make it easy to monitor the weather at home or around the world. We’ve compiled some of them here to help you stay updated on changing weather conditions—from bone-chilling blizzards to scorching heat. With this at your fingertips, there’s no reason to ever be foggy about the forecast.

One of the most popular online weather destinations, this site provides current conditions, forecasts, and alerts. You can also connect to your Facebook account and see which friends might be affected by severe weather at any given time.

This no-nonsense weather site gets right to the point with local, national, and global weather links on the home page as well as storm, health, and travel information. Click the Interactive Weather Map link for a satellite view of the weather in your area.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides extensive information to help you prepare for, survive, and recover from many weather-related disasters including making a plan, building an emergency kit, and protecting your home. You’ll find specific sections on tornadoes, extreme heat, floods, wildfires, and more.

Just want essential weather information delivered to you in the quickest and easiest manner? The sites below offer a variety of handy options including live local temperatures on your desktop taskbar, apps for your tablet or smart phone, and bad weather alerts via email.

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