Soar with TrioTel’s Enhanced Internet Speeds

Internet has become a vital exigency of our everyday routine. We can read online news and stay up-to-date on everything happening around us. Sharing images, streaming videos, playing various games, or buying and selling products online has never been so easy. The list goes on and on to what we can accomplish. Yet having a fast and reliable Internet connection is important to our online experience.

Starting this January, TrioTel is adjusting Internet speed packages. Offering more bandwidth and symmetrical (equal download and upload) speed combinations for no extra cost will be a huge advantage and convenience for members. 10M (megabits) download with 10M (megabits) upload for $39.95 per month will become the new base package. Subscribers with 5M/1M, already paying $39.95 per month, will automatically be upgraded to 10M/10M. That’s double the speed for the same price. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

Additional Internet speed packages have also been customized to offer users a great experience with quick connectivity. Visit for the new speed combinations. Call our business office at 425-2238 for questions. Come soar with TrioTel!

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