TrioTel Cameras Prove Worthy for Local Farmer

Harley Zens, owner of the family operated Zens Herefords in Canova, knows firsthand the importance of producing a live and healthy calf. Last November, Zens Herefords was named the South Dakota Seedstock Producer of the Year, an award that represents a high standard in breeding systems among other notable achievements.

One of the significant features to Zens Herefords’ operation is a camera monitoring system. TrioTel had the privilege to serve Harley in selling and installing a system for his calving barn in 2014 and recently we had an opportunity to meet with him for an interview.

I came to TrioTel simply for their service,” Harley said. “The technicians came out to our farm, installed my system, showed me how to run it and continued to follow up with me when needed. I could have had another company help me with my cameras, but I chose TrioTel for their local, reliable service.

Cameras are beneficial for multiple reasons. However, for Harley, who has a prosthetic leg, the cameras offer an added convenience, especially in the middle of the night.

“If you go out to check on the heifers, you can interrupt the process and they’ll stand up when they should be laying down and relaxing,” Harley noted. Using the monitors means the livestock get more attention but with fewer disturbances.

“I can take my wife’s smart phone to bed with me and I can check the phone to view the activity out in the barn or I can get up to go look at the cameras on my computer screen too,” said Harley. Harley’s sons, who live away from the farm, also pay attention to the cameras.

“It’s nice because my son, Matt, can be looking at his phone off and on during the night at his home while I’m in bed and he can call me if he thinks I need to go out to the barn. Or if I want to leave home during the day, my wife can be paying attention to the computer monitor and she’ll tell me if I need to be getting home if a calf is about to be born,” Harley explained.

With fiber to the home, TrioTel provides ample bandwidth and connectivity options for cameras and surveillance products specialized for farm operations. While camera systems assist with calving, they can also be used to monitor fuel tanks, fertilizer and grain bins, which prove all to be important assets to the farmer and the bottom line.

For information on camera systems, call the TrioTel business office at 425-2238 or visit

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