How A Power Outage Affects Your TrioTel Services

If a power outage occurs, your TrioTel landline telephone service (corded phones only) will work for up to 6-8 hours, depending on usage. Cordless landline telephones, Internet and TV services will be non-functioning until power is restored.

Once power has returned, wait up to 5 minutes for all electronics, including: TV Set Top Boxes (STB) and/or your wireless router, to be fully functioning.

After 5 minutes if TrioTel services are not properly working, consider these options:

  1. Check that STBs, wireless router, and the UPS Cyber Power box (located next to your utilities) have power and are in working order.
  2. Check your utility panel to ensure full power.
  3. Reboot STBs and routers by unplugging from the power source and plugging back in.
  4. Check TV inputs.
  5. If an issue persists, call TrioTel at 425-2238.

As always, please contact us with any questions. We’re here for you, even when lightning strikes.

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