Spring Clean Your Email Inbox!

Are you overwhelmed with an overflown inbox? I know the feeling– you log in to your email to find something and all you see is a long scroll of junk messages – or so it seems like it. If you can relate, it’s probably time for you to organize and clean out your inbox. You may be thinking about how time consuming that sounds, so here are some tips to clean out your inbox in no time and how to keep it that way.

One of the easiest steps to eliminating and reducing unwanted emails is by unsubscribing from all of those companies that send you promotional content. They are required to provide a way for you to unsubscribe from their mailing list. Typically, if you open up a promotional email that they send you, you should be able to scroll to the bottom and click their unsubscribe link. You may be surprised how refreshing this feels!

Another helpful tip is creating folders to keep your emails organized. You can set up separate folders for different people, groups, or subject areas. That way if you get an email that you don’t want to necessarily delete but may need to go back to it another day, then drag it into its designated folder and you’ll be able to find it quicker later on. If the option is available with your email provider, you may be able to create automatic rules as well so certain emails will automatically move to a specific folder. This will cut down your inbox clutter and you can review those emails when you have time.

Most email providers have tools available to help you sort out your emails by newest to oldest, by date, or by unread only. Feel free to try them out and make it a habit to view your inbox on a regular basis. It’s much easier to frequently spend a little time keeping your email clean than it is to sit down once every few months with the temptation of doing a “Delete All”. So keep at it! Spring cleaning your inbox doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore.

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