How to Spot Fake News

Where do you get your news? Do you watch TV, read a newspaper, or check online? The amount of resources we have at our fingertips is quite overwhelming. With 24 hour news cycles, information is constantly flowing. Especially online. The internet, more specifically social media, is quickly becoming a primary source for news, particularly with young people. Facebook is the top social media website with over 1.8 billion users. On average, the Like and Share buttons are viewed across 10 million websites daily. With just a click, any news article can be posted onto a person’s timeline for their friends to see. It sounds completely harmless, right? Yet, the problem is many people don’t check if the website’s sources or links are reliable, consequently, spreading inadequate or “FAKE” information. With the constant sharing, it’s hard to keep up with what is real and what is fake. So, we’ve created a couple of tips to avoid the hoax stories. Remember, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true.


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