With our advanced fiber network in place, there should be very little-to-no issue with the Internet service going into your home. However, when that service is transformed into a wireless signal, through a wireless router, problems can occur. There are so many variables that can contribute to poor wireless service. It makes troubleshooting difficult. Especially when you mix numerous connected devices, streaming Netflix, and an old router. Plus, if your household is fairly active online, then you need to subscribe to the Internet speed that can support it.

For those of you that have called our office and discussed an issue with your wireless network, we’ve probably asked you these questions: What brand of wireless router do you have? How old is your wireless router? Where is it located? How many devices (laptops, cell phones, iPads, smart TVs, appliances, surveillance cameras, speaker systems, etc.) do you have connected to it? Do you do a lot of streaming or gaming? When was the last time you rebooted your wireless router? How often do you have to reboot it? Are there certain rooms in your home that your Wi-Fi signal can’t reach? Have you had any recent power outages or brownouts? Did you know that a power outage, even a minor one, can damage a router? What Internet speed do you subscribe to? Does it seem slow at times? That’s a lot of questions! But those are all of the variables we look at when addressing your wireless Internet issues.

So if you are having Internet connectivity issues, give us a call. Let’s work together to find a solution. Help us, help you.

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