New Leadership on TrioTel Board

After twenty years of serving as TrioTel’s Board President, Ronald Sandine, District 2 Center, (pictured below left) has stepped down from leading the TrioTel Board. Sandine, who joined the board in 1975, was recently re-elected to serve as the District 2 representative at TrioTel’s 61st Annual Meeting in September. Shortly after the member’s meeting concluded, the TrioTel Board met to elect the TrioTel Board officers and Sandine announced he was not going to seek the leadership seat.

“This position gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people in the telecommunication industry. It was a great experience to work with all directors, past and present, and the co-op staff. Good luck to all towards the future. As President, I would advise Kathy to listen to the discussion of your directors and to keep the services available to customers because they are the co-op,” Sandine shared.

Kathy Hofer, District 3 Spencer, (pictured below right) was elected to serve as TrioTel’s Board President, making history as the first female to serve in this role.

“I’m honored to have been chosen to serve as President for TrioTel. I am thankful to have a Board of Directors with so much experience and wisdom. I look forward to working with Bryan, the Board of Directors and an experienced team of great employees as we move forward continuing to give the best possible service to our members,” Hofer commented.

Terry Schroeder, District 5 Alexandria, was re-elected to serve as TrioTel’s Vice President. Schroeder has served on the board since 2001 and served as Vice President since 2015. Thomas Hueners, District 4 Winfred, was re-elected to serve as TrioTel’s Secretary-Treasurer. Hueners is the longest-serving member of the Board joining 44 years ago in 1973. He has held the Secretary-Treasurer position since 1989.

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