Lake Hanson- Fiber Cut

On 9/12 the spillway broke at Lake Hanson, south of Alexandria. Due to the washout, there was a fiber cut that affected 53 TrioTel customers south of the lake. They are without TV, Internet, and Phone. Technicians immediately started towards the fiber cut and had some issues arriving to the site due to other road closures and flooding.

After finally arriving to the site and evaluating the situation, they agreed to start right away the morning of 9/13. There was too much water in the way to start the repairs.

Here you can see the orange inner duct from the damaged fiber

Techs are hoping to have the fiber cuts repaired by 8-10pm on 9/13. Customers are also being updated on TrioTel’s Facebook page.

A map of the customers affected by the Fiber cut south of Lake Hanson.


UPDATE message from GM/CEO Bryan Roth:

Contractors for TrioTel have been on site since this morning and now have the replacement fiber buried, bypassing the washout. Splicers are currently on sight and will begin splicing shortly. ETA for full TrioTel broadband connectivity for the outage area is 8-10pm tonight. Some services will be restored sooner during the splicing procedure. Thank you everyone for your patience during this time.



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