Call 811 Before you dig

April is here, which means it is National Safe Digging Month! No matter how large or small your digging project may be, remember to call 811 before you dig.

TrioTel has invested much time and resources into our buried fiber optic network. All TrioTel services run on fiber, so if the cable is cut or damaged, that could lead to loss of telephone, TV and internet services for our customers. It will also result in added cost to the person(s) responsible for the damage.

How the 811 process works:

  1. Call 8-1-1 to submit a locate request 2-3 business days prior to the project. South Dakota 811 is available 24/7 and the call is free.
  2. Wait the required amount of time for affected utility operators to respond to the request. TrioTel typically responds to a locate request within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days).
  3. Check that all affected utility operators have responded and marked underground utilities. See the color code chart below to know what flag color represents which utility.
  4. Respect the flags. Please keep the markers in place, until the project is complete.
  5. As always, proceed and dig with caution!

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