Zoom- the new norm?

Now that isolating and social distancing at home is becoming a part of everyone’s lives, many people are turning to Zoom to stay connected with family, friends and coworkers.

Like FaceTime or Skype, you are able to tune in virtually with someone using either a smart phone, computer, or tablet. With the option to have up to 100 participants at once, many school around the country are turning to Zoom to finish out the school year. It is also common for people to host workout classes as a form of exercise since gyms are currently closed. Did your book club meeting get cancelled? Have it over Zoom! Are you missing your Friday afternoon social hour with your friends? Have it over Zoom! The possibilities are endless.

There are many features available to help conduct a meeting. You can screen record so you can refer back to the meeting at a later date or you can share important links and information through the chat room. Click the image below to watch a short tutorial on how to use the basics on Zoom.

Getting Started with Zoom

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