Annual Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who attended our virtual annual meeting on Thursday, September 17th. We had a great turn out despite the change of our usual event location. TrioTel gave bill credits out to those that participated in this years Annual Meeting.

Those winners are:

$100- Kimm & Kevin Thrift

$50- Megan Koepsell-Miles, Todd & Shelli Kirby, Larry Jucht, Alida Ahlers

$25- James McCormick, Brad Wilkins, Mark Dickson, Kevin Mentele, Elizabeth Schroeder, Steve & Sue Weber, Owen & Lori Reitzel, Norman Peterson, Gene Hanssen, Richard & Jean Johnson, Michael Kreutzfeldt, Kara Kayser, Kenneth or Janet Tuschen, Jerry Heumiller, Myron Eich, Kathleen Wingen, John & Donna Ruden, Ed & Dar Engelmeyer, Jason Hanson, Fred Neilson Sr.

$10- Bob Hansen, Janice Ecklein, Mike Unke, Steve Gessner, Norma Spaans, Celeste Sabers, David Moe, Keith Paulsen, Lyle Johnson, Travis & Becky Cheeseman, Dan & Nancy Schroeder, Dan Lehrman, Heidi Berg, Justin Youngworth, Kathleen Aulner, Monica Demir, Ruth Glanzer, Darlene Mentele

We hope that we are able to see you all in person at next years annual meeting!

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