Unclaimed Capital Credits


Capital credits

TrioTel Communications, Inc. is a non-profit, member-owned cooperative. At the end of each year, the margins or profits are allocated to the members in proportion to the number of dollars spent on applicable telecommunication services. This amount is placed into a separate account. The goal is to ultimately refund this amount to you. In the meantime, it serves to provide adequate cash flow for reinvestment in the business and show the financial stability that is required to obtain loans from our lenders.

Capital credits are allocated to members of the cooperative. To become a member, you must have TrioTel telephone or internet service in one of the following exchanges: Alexandria, Canova, Center, Clayton, Emery, Salem, Spencer or Winfred.

The capital credit allocation amount is based on the dollars you have spent on eligible services throughout the previous year. The capital credit payout amount is based on unretired allocations of past years, decided by the TrioTel Board of Directors annually.

Capital credit disbursements equal to or less than $50 will be applied to the member’s October bill. Disbursements over $50 will be issued a check and will be mailed in the first part of October.

If you are no longer a TrioTel customer, please keep us informed of your current address in order to receive your capital credit checks.

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