Although these professionals should be celebrated EVERY day, the week of May 3-7th, 2021 has been dedicated to show our appreciation to all Teachers! Whether you have a teacher, know a teacher, or are a teacher, there are endless ways to give a little extra support to teachers and teachers organizations.

How to Observe Teacher Appreciation Week

Bring a Gift

  • A quick google search or surfing Pinterest can assist in finding fun printable thank-you notes, flyers, and DIY projects. Other great ideas to honor your teacher’s work include gift cards, donations, baked goods, decorating their classroom door or teachers lounge, volunteer in a classroom, or use the official hashtag #ThankATeacher

Connect with a Former Teacher

  • We all remember at least one former teacher fondly, and chances are they remember you and would love a life update. See if they are still teaching and pay a visit, give a call, or even add them on social media to keep up with them! It’s a great chance to let them know the impact they have had on your life.

Supply a Classroom

  • It’s no secret that schools often don’t have the budget to spend on all the things teachers need to run an engaging classroom and by the end of the school year, many supplies are in need of replacing/replenishing. Many teachers have wish lists of things they need, like colored pencils, Play-Doh, sanitizing wipes, Kleenex, or tape. If you want to think bigger, consider donating to schools or school districts, so they can afford larger items that more students can use.

From All of Us at TrioTel…

Thank you teachers for being an integral part of our communities. Thank you for creating a better and brighter future for all of us. Thank you for wanting more from your students. Thank you for not only teaching curriculum, but most importantly manners, life lessons, kindness, equality, and So. Much. More. We are so incredibly thankful for and appreciative of YOU!

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