Save the Date!

Make plans to attend your annual meeting! We are just a few months shy of TrioTel’s Annual Members Meeting. This year, it will be held on Thursday, September 15th, 2022, at the St. Mary’s Hall in Salem 300 W Vermont Ave, Salem SD (NOTE: LOCATION CHANGE). Members (kids welcome too!) invited to the 66th Annual Meeting will be receiving an official invite in the mail soon! Please note that member registration starts at 6:30PM with a meal provided to all in attendance. We have some pretty great door prizes as well!

The invitation will include an annual report of the cooperative. You’ll find the President, Treasurer, and Manager’s report highlighting TrioTel Communications, Inc.’s activities over the past year. I am proud to report that your cooperative is doing good and has had a successful year.

Mailed out in July was the official announcement of the director vacancies for 2022. There were two (2) open director positions up for election, being District 3 (Spencer) and District 7 (At-Large). Announcement of who filled the vacancies will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

We continue to believe that annual meetings are a great way to inform the member-owners on the success their cooperative has year to year. It’s a tradition that celebrates our unique business model and it’s a chance to bring members together to share the many ways we work to serve your current and future needs.

Please make plans to attend, and as always, give us a call if you have any questions about YOUR telecommunications cooperative! We look forward to visiting with you at the Annual Meeting.

Heather Kranz
General Manager/CEO
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