Thank you, Members

2022 marks the 66th Annual Member Meeting at TrioTel Communications. We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us! The growth and success of our cooperative is because of you, our members. If you were unable to attend the meeting, read below for an Annual Meeting recap!

TrioTel employees greeted the members by handing out $2 bills. This has been a tradition for many years!

This year, we had fun shopping local for our door prizes. Almost every item purchased was from a business in our service area. We showcased seven different themed baskets that members could place their registration tickets in for a chance to win. Each basket had a little something different, coordinating with a unique name 🙂

The winners of the door prize baskets were:
“HOST WITH THE MOST” Basket: Melvin Eilts Sr.
“GAME NIGHT” Basket: Ronald & JoAnn Miller
“THE TECH USER” Basket: Ed Gray
“GRILL MASTER” Basket: Kevin Ernster
“COFFEE LOVER” Basket: Dan Klinkhammer
“DESTINATION VACATION” Basket: Jim & Lois McCormick
“MOVIE NIGHT” Basket: Joel Fluth
Congrats to all, we hope you enjoy your baskets!

TrioTel techs, Jared Koch and Mike Heumiller ran the “Tech Table” this year. They demonstrated our surveillance cameras, showcased our Enhanced WIFI router, and even provided live demonstration of fiber splicing. Members also used this time to ask questions, discuss service options, or to simply enjoy conversation.

TrioTel would like to extend a big “THANK YOU” to the McCook Central FFA students who gave their time to help serve our members. Food this year was catered by Central Catering out of Hawarden, Iowa. The FFA students did a great job teaming up with the caterers to make sure everyone’s plates were delivered hot and their drink cups were filled!

Our meeting kicked off shortly after dinner was served beginning with a Welcome from TrioTel Board President, Kathy Hofer, followed by an introduction of Heather Kranz, GM/CEO and the rest of the Board of Directors. Those directors include:
District 1, Canova- Ben Endorf
District 2, Center- Maddy Rabenhorst
District 3, Spencer- Kathy Hofer (President)
District 4, Winfred- Thomas Hueners (Secretary/Treasurer)
District 5, Alexandria- Terry Schroeder (Vice President)
District 6, Salem- Kevin Peterson
District 7, At-Large- Tom Randall

Secretary/Treasurer, Tom Hueners, announced to the members that the quorum of 50 members was met and that an official business meeting was underway. He read the official “Notice of the Annual Meeting” and ended with a statement on the proof of mailings for the 2022 meeting. A motion was carried by the members to waive the reading of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes and to approve them as printed.

TrioTel’s General Manager/CEO, Heather Kranz, stood in front of the members sharing industry updates happening within the cooperative. Some of those points being:
– The steady increase in broadband users
– The slow decline in cable TV users as streaming video becomes more and more popular
– Announced the expansion into Rural Lake County in 2023
– Released the dollar amount given back to the members in October via Capital Credit Checks
– Announced an Internet speed increase (at no additional charge) to ALL TrioTel customers, coming in the near future

To conclude, Heather thanked the employees, directors, and most importantly, the members. Everyone plays such an important roll in this Cooperative and the collaboration is where our success stems from.

TrioTel Board of Directors, Left Image (L-R): Heather Kranz, Kevin Peterson, Maddy Rabenhorst, Ben Endorf, Kathy Hofer, Tom Randall, Tom Hueners, Terry Schroeder. TrioTel Employees, Right Image (Back Row): Heather Kranz, Curt Guessner, Justin Norris, Jared Koch, Mike Heumiller (Front Row): Amy Sabers, Barb Mentele, Michele Tuschen, Kally Zelmer, Kendra Mudder

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