SD Week of Work

The Game of Life was played last week at Hanson School and TrioTel was there to share with the students what their future service bills might just look like and how they should plan on budgeting.

The South Dakota Week of Work introduces high school students to career opportunities in their own communities and across the state through job shadows, industry tours, and other business-classroom connections. It’s a week of exploration, with the aim of guiding students, engaging local businesses, and introducing employers to their future workforce.

Many people who work in or around the community were asked to participate in the Game of Life. Like the board game, students started by drawing a career & salary. They learned what their monthly take home pay was and went through the processes of buying a house, getting loans, insurance deductions and utility expenses.

TrioTel marketing specialist, Kendra Mudder, had a great time talking to the Hanson students and helping them figure out their monthly service bill. She also shared the different positions within TrioTel and different degrees that they could obtain if they were wanting to pursue the telecom industry.

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