It's Annual Meeting Time!

Attention Members! It’s almost time for Annual Meeting. See you August 9th.

It is time for the 67th Annual Meeting of TrioTel Communications, Inc, and you are all invited! We are so excited for this year’s Annual Meeting as we have made changes to the location, day, and time to enable more members to join us at the meeting. This year’s Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 9th outside of the TrioTel Business Office at 330 S. Nebraska St. in Salem.

As we approach our Annual Meeting, I am happy to report that 2022 was a very successful and busy year for TrioTel. Your cooperative had another strong year financially. All financial goals that were established in the budget were not only met, but exceeded. This allowed us to continue to make capital investments and improvements, and it also allowed TrioTel to return capital credits to our membership.

This year’s theme is “Building on the Best”, and your cooperative is continuing to do just that! We are continuing to work on our expansion project into rural western Lake County with the assistance from the Connect South Dakota Broadband Grant Program that helps to connect unserved or underserved consumers to fiber-optic broadband.

TrioTel has been able to expand to these unserved and underserved areas without taking on any new debt. We have also been able to utilize existing operations and networks to connect additional customers both inside and outside of our cooperative footprint as all projects are adjacent to our current serving areas. These projects are strengthening our cooperative by growing our revenue base, and have been a great investment for your cooperative.

TrioTel has been so fortunate to have one dedicated director serve on our Board of Directors for the past 50 years, Mr. Tom Hueners of the Winfred Exchange. Tom joined our Board of Directors in 1973 after his father, John, who was serving on the board of directors at the time, passed away. I want to recognize and thank Tom for serving so diligently on the TrioTel Board of Directors for the past 50 years. His leadership, guidance, and knowledge are unmatched, and are a huge part of the success of your cooperative. We thank Tom for his 50 years of service and look forward to many more!

It takes all of us, board, employees and member-owners working together to achieve the success TrioTel experienced this past year. I want to say “THANK YOU” to all of our member-owners for your continued loyalty and support of TrioTel. We look forward to continuing to serve you!

Please join us at the Annual Meeting on August 9th and learn how TrioTel is continuing to “Build on The Best”. Registration and meal begin at 6:00pm. Please be sure to bring your registration card and booklet. I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting!

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