Grab a video camera, a bucket of ice water, and donate to a great cause!

If you are active on Facebook or Twitter, there’s no doubt that you have seen more than a few people posting videos of themselves dumping ice cold water on their heads. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has consumed social media in the last few weeks. It all started with a simple campaign to raise awareness […]

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811 – Can you dig it?

Living in South Dakota, most residents can expect our weather patterns to change almost instantly. In fact, when we are presented with calm and mild temperature days, spending time outdoors is really life at its best! Especially in the summer time, when roasting marshmallows, perfecting a golf swing, and building lush gardens consume most of […]

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When the term BLOG was born back in the 1990’s it was a new way for people to express interests, opinions, and ideas with the online world. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a blog is a web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities and experiences; otherwise known as, an online journal. […]

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