Calling Features

900 Blocking – No Charge
Blocks 900 numbers.

Additional Listing – $1.00
Add an additional listing in the telephone directory.

Anonymous Caller Rejection – $1.50
This feature allows you to reject/block incoming calls from those who choose to conceal their number.

Automatic Call Back *66 – $1.50
This feature works like an enhanced redial button. If the line you’re trying to reach is busy, the automatic call back tries calling the number for up to 30 minutes. Once both lines are idle, you’ll hear a special ring. When you pick up the handset, the system will ring the party you’re trying to reach.

Automatic Recall *69 – $1.50
Automatic recall lets you dial the last incoming call you received whether or not you answered the phone. When you dial *69, the system tells you the directory number and then gives you the choice of continuing the call or ending it.

Call Forwarding – $.50
Program your phone to ring to a predetermined number.

Call Forward When Busy – $2.25
Forward a call to predetermined number when your line is busy.

Call Forward No Answer – $2.25
Forward your phone to a predetermined number when you’re not available. Your phone will ring at home first and then forward to another number after a set number of rings (2 to 9).

Caller ID Name/Number – $3.90
This feature identifies the number and name of the calling party.

Caller Number Only – $2.95
This feature identifies the number of the calling party.

Caller ID Blocking – $.95
This feature allows you to prevent your name or number from displaying on someone’s caller ID.

Caller ID with Call Waiting – $5.80
While you’re on the phone, call waiting notifies you when another caller is trying to reach you, while caller ID displays the number of the caller.

Cancel Call Waiting *70 – No Charge
Cancel call waiting allows you to temporarily deactivate your call waiting so that you can ensure no interruptions during an important phone call. This feature can be used to deactivate call waiting during the use of a fax machine.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting – $1.50
Distinctive ringing/call waiting allows you to program ten directory numbers that will be identified by a distinctive ring when they call you. If you also have call waiting and you’re engaged in a phone conversation when a call from someone on your distinctive ring list arrives, you will hear a distinctive call waiting tone.

Change Number Announcement – $5.00
A prerecorded message states: This number has been changed to…

E-Forward – $.50
This feature allows you to forward your voice mail messages to an email address. You must also subscribe to voice mail.

Find Me  – $4.95
The Find Me feature allows you to program up to 6 numbers for a call to be forwarded until it reaches you.

International Call Blocking – $4.95
Block all international calls.

Line Hunt Feature – $8.95
The Line Hunt feature allows all incoming calls on your main number to roll over to a second line.

Non-Listed Number – $1.00
With a non-listed number your directory information will not be listed in the TrioTel directory, but can be retrieved from a 411 directory assistance call.

Non-Published Number – $3.00
With a non-published number your directory information will not be listed in the TrioTel directory or be retrieved from a 411 directory assistance call.

Selective Call Acceptance – $1.50
Selective call acceptance stores up to ten directory numbers from which you will accept calls. An incoming call from a directory number not on your list will receive the message, “We’re sorry, the number you have reached is not accepting calls at this time.”

Selective Call Forwarding – $1.50
Selective call forwarding ensures that specific calls will reach you when you’re away from home or the office. You are able to program up to ten specific directory numbers to be forwarded.

Selective Call Rejection – $1.50
Selective call rejection allows you to selectively program a list of up to ten directory numbers that you want rejected or blocked when they call you. The rejected or blocked caller receives a message, “We’re sorry, the number you have reached is not accepting calls at this time.” Your phone will not ring.

Selective Toll (Pin) Restriction – $1.95
This feature allows you to control the calls made from your phone by entering a PIN before dialing a toll number.

Selective Toll (On-Off) Restriction – $1.95
This feature allows you to set the toll restriction feature to ON or OFF status.

Speed Dialing 8 Numbers – $.50
Program your phone to dial up to 8 numbers.

Speed Dialing 30 Numbers – $.95
Program your phone to dial up to 30 phone numbers.

Telemarketer Call Screening – $2.75
TCS intercepts calls that are delivered as unknown or out of area to your telephone line. A message states that you do not accept calls from telemarketers and request that you be added to their Do Not Call list. Your telephone will not ring. Calls who are not telemarketers are asked to dial 1 or stay on the line to complete the call to you.

Teen Line – $1.95
Add an additional telephone number to your line with value teen line. The phone rings with a unique pattern so you can determine the line the caller is trying to reach. This is great option for fax machines.

Three-Way Calling – $.50
Three way calling allows you to turn an everyday two way phone call into a three way conversation.

Toll Denial – No Charge
This feature blocks all toll calls, but will still allow toll-free numbers to be dialed.

Voice Mail – $2.95
Voice mail is an automated answering machine. Voice mail can be programmed to pick up after so many rings and to answer when the line is busy. Retrieve your voice mail messages at home or away by dialing your 3 digit prefix -MAIL (6245). For example, a Salem customer would dial 425-6245. Follow the instructions by entering # or your telephone number and pin. You can also retrieve voice mail messages online by visiting

Sub Mail Box (add family members) – $.25
Set up additional voice mail boxes for family members.

Warm Line – $.95
This feature is designed to help you in case of an emergency. Warm Line automatically dials a predetermined number, if your phone is left off the hook for more than 30 seconds.