Relay South Dakota


Relay South Dakota is a free service that provides telephone access to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, or have a speech-disability. This service allows text-telephone (TTY) users to communicate with standard telephone users through specially trained relay operators.

Calls can be made to anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no restrictions on the number, length, or type of calls placed. All calls are strictly confidential and no records of any conversations are maintained.

A repeat user can set up calling preferences, such as frequently dialed numbers, emergency numbers, and phone service carriers, on his or her Customer Profile.

Anyone who wishes to use Relay SD simply dials the toll-free number to connect with a relay operator. The relay operator will dial the requested number and relay the conversation between the two callers.

All calls can be initiated by either party by simply dialing 7-1-1.

  1. Dial 7-1-1
  2. Give the communication assistant (CA) the number of the party you wish to call.
  3. The CA will place the call, then serve as a link for the call between the TTY user and the non-TTY user.
  4. Speak slowly and clearly, the CA has to type everything that the voice caller is saying.
  5. Speak directly to the other person. The CA is on the line to relay the call and is not involved in the conversation. Speak as if the CA is not there.
  6. Say or type “go ahead” or “GA” each time you finish your part of the conversation to let the other person know to respond.
  7. Say or type “stop keying” or “SK” to indicate you would like to end the call.
  • All Services: 7-1-1
  • Customer Service: 877-866-8950
  • TTY: 800-877-1113
  • Voice: 800-877-1113
  • ASCII: 800-877-1113
  • Speech-to-Speech: 877-981-9744
  • Spanish: 877-981-9743
  • VCO: 877-981-2117

TED is the Telecommunication Equipment Distribution program. It allows those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind or have a speech disability to communicate effectively on the telephone by obtaining special equipment at no cost.

To be eligible for equipment:

  • You must be a resident of South Dakota.
  • You must have existing telephone service.
  • You must have difficulty communicating on the telephone because of a hearing or speech disability.