Retransmission Fee

Each month, in addition to subscribed television services, TrioVision customers pay a Retransmission Fee of $34.31 to Broadcasters as an additional billed line item. The retransmission fee is the amount local stations (KSFY, KDLT, FOX and KELO) charge TrioTel for retransmitting their programming. It is subject to increase or decrease yearly, according to programming negotiation agreements. TrioTel works with other cable companies across the United States to reason with broadcasters for lower fees and will continue to advocate for the betterment of our subscribers.

Every three years, TrioTel is required to renegotiate the retransmission consent agreements. Unfortunately, when it comes to negotiations, affiliate broadcasters hold the upper hand. If we don’t accept their demands, broadcasters can force us to remove their channel, which would leave you in the dark.

Join the fight by writing to your local congressional representatives asking them to change the Retransmission Consent laws.

We also suggest you contact your local television stations.

KDLT/NBC 605-361-5555
KELO/CBS 605-336-1100
KSFY/ABC 605-336-1300