Service Outage to happen March 21st

UPDATE 3/22/2022 @ 9:30AM: Cable TV has been restored. Please reboot your STB’s if you are still without service. Thank you everyone for your patience!

UPDATE 3/22/2022 @ 8:30AM – Techs are still working on the TV portion of the migration cutover. Internet and phone should be working for customers now, but TV is not. Thank you for your patience! Check back for updates.

Attention all customers: TrioTel will be performing a network upgrade on March 21st. Please beware of a short service outage during this time.

March 2022

Dear TrioTel Customer,

On March 21st, 2022 at 11:59PM, TrioTel Communications, Inc. will be performing a network migration cutover, which will affect all TrioTel services. Customers with internet, cable TV, or phone services will have a disruption between 11:59PM and 2:30AM on March 22nd.

If you are still experiencing a disruption of services after 5AM on March 22nd, you may need to do a manual reboot to your Set-Top-Boxes and Wireless Routers. To reboot your equipment, simply unplug from the electrical wall outlets and wait 1-2 minutes before plugging back in. If your services do not automatically return within 10 minutes, please call the TrioTel office.

We understand it is never a good time to disrupt services. We hope to minimize the inconvenience by performing this upgrade during the early morning hour when our network usage is the lowest. If you have any questions, dial 605-425-2238 or send a message to

Thank you for your cooperation,
TrioTel Communications, Inc.

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