New Spam Filter

Spam and virus filtering is included with TrioTel email service. Recently, we have updated the email filter, in hopes it will help weed out the cybercrime spam emails and provide our customers with added security. Your “OLD” Email Filter will be available until the end of April. If you are missing any emails, you will need to check both the OLD and NEW email filter folders during the transition.

There are many new features and settings that you can adjust with to make your spam filter custom to your liking. You can read many of those by CLICKING HERE.

All TrioTel email customers are currently set to receive their Spam Report every week, on Fridays. A quarantine report contains a list of potential spam emails that have been caught and quarantined. Users can directly manage their quarantined mail through this weekly report. The easiest way to get to your Spam Filter is by going into your weekly spam report and clicking “To view your entire quarantine….” (Shown in the red box below).

To change your Spam Report to more/less than once a week, go to:
Your Spam Report (click the red boxed section shown above)- Settings Tab- Quarantine Report Settings Tab- then choose your report delivery settings. Make sure to SAVE when finished.

We recommend all TrioTel email users to adjust the Email Display Settings in their Spam Report to the following image. This can be done by going to: Your Spam Report, Reporting Tab, Display Settings.

If you are a TrioTel Email User and have any questions on the new Spam Filter, please call our office and we will assist.

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