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With over nine hundred miles of fiber optic cable traveling throughout our service area communities, we provide fast Internet speeds, elite television packages, and as always, reliable telephone service. We pride ourselves on our advanced 100% fiber network, but more importantly, the customer service and support that goes right along with it. Take a look around. Cutting edge technology is right in your neighborhood.


Alexandria, Canova, Center, Clayton, Emery, Fulton, Rural Lake County, Salem, Spencer, and Winfred.

December 13, 1951- The first meeting of the Board of Directors of McCook Cooperative Telephone Company (now TrioTel Communications, Inc.) is held in Salem, SD. The goal is to provide service to rural subscribers that would be comparable in quality to that enjoyed by urban subscribers. The original exchanges of the Cooperative are Canova, Center, Spencer, and Winfred.

1993- Hanson County Telephone Company (Alexandria exchange) is purchased.

1996- McCook Telecom (Salem exchange) is purchased.

January 1, 2001- The three companies merge into one and the Alexandria and Salem customers become members of the Coop.

2005- Tri County Telcom, Inc. (Emery and Clayton exchanges) is purchased.

January 1, 2010- The companies merge, are renamed TrioTel Communications, Inc. and all customers become members of the Coop.

2013- TrioTel becomes a leader in the broadband infrastructure by being the first telephone company in South Dakota to provide fiber optic connection to 100% of its subscribers.

2016- TrioTel provides TV and Internet service to the Fulton exchange.

2021- TrioTel expands broadband services to northwest Fulton and to the town of Junius, in Lake County.

2023- TrioTel expands broadband services to western rural Lake County.

With more than 900 miles of fiber optic cable running through our service territory, over 2,000 residents and business owners have access to an updated facility providing faster Internet speeds, quality IPTV video, and valued telephone service.

TrioTel continues the commitment to ensure subscribers receive the finest quality telecommunication services at the lowest possible price. We appreciate our customers and thank you for your continued patronage.


Heather Kranz
General Manager/CEO

Kathy Hofer
District 3 – Spencer

Terry Schroeder
District 5 – Alexandria
Vice President

Thomas Hueners
District 4 – Winfred

Ben Endorf
District 1 – Canova

Maddy Rabenhorst
District 2 – Center

Kevin Peterson
District 6 – Salem

Tom Randall
District 7 – At Large


Amy Sabers
Customer Service

Barb Mentele

Curt Gessner

Jared Koch

Justin Norris
Operations Manager

Kally Zelmer
Customer Service

Kendra Mudder
Marketing & Sales

Kevin Spaans
OSP/Construction Tech

Michele Tuschen
CABS/Customer Service

Mike Heumiller

Our Mission

TrioTel Communications, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the finest quality telecommunication services at the lowest possible cost. We will build relationships based upon mutual trust and respect, empowering our employees to provide top-notch customer service. We will deliver sound leadership and economic growth through the use of advancements in communication technologies, guaranteeing our customers, communities, and employees a bright future.