Lake County Fiber Expansion


Fiber is the most reliable internet service there is. TrioTel is excited to be expanding our fiber-optics into Lake County in 2023. Get on our construction list by completing the forms below.

Save $500+ by getting a free fiber-drop during our construction phase. This is a limited time offer and we don’t want you to miss out!

Follow the Construction Journey

Phases 1 and 2 of construction will impact everyone within the Lake County project area. Phases 3-5 will impact only those who registered to receive fiber-optic internet service from TrioTel.


Application Process- Marketing to those in the Lake County area who qualify in receiving TrioTel’s fiber-optic internet. Prospects must fill out the Fiber-Drop Permission Form to get on the construction list. Not sure if you are in the expansion area? Contact our office at 605-425-2238 to find out.
Site Survey & Visitation- TrioTel technicians will visit with the owners and view/survey the land. They will inspect the property to determine precise location, access, and best orientation for the fiber installation.


Construction Commencement- The official start of our fiber expansion is July 10th, 2023. Locating crews from utility companies will mark utility lines with flags and temporary paint to help ensure our contractors don’t damage buried utilities.
Main Fiber Line Installation- Construction crews will start to bury large fiber-optic cables (30+ inches) below the ground come July. They’ll also install fiber-optic cable markers and hand holes. If you registered your address to receive TrioTel’s services, you’ll see a pedestal near your home. This pedestal is where the larger fiber-optic line in the right-of-way connects with the smaller line that feeds to your home.


Construction crews will plow or bore a smaller fiber-optic line from a pedestal in the right-of-way up to your home or business. They’ll use the route that you and the TrioTel technician discussed during your site visit. If we have not scheduled a site visit yet, please contact us today. Crews will restore any disturbed land and replant grass seed during this time. You should water the grass seed as needed.


Crews will then splice together the fiber-optic line running from your location to the main line fiber. Technicians will test the buried fiber to ensure data traffic is flowing correctly!


A TrioTel representative will contact customers to install internet service. Typical installation may include installing an optical network terminal (ONT) inside of your home or business, a WIFI router, wiring, and jack. Then installations will occur throughout 2023-2024.